Join us September 10th as we host Vancouver’s first

Privilege Walk!

Where are you privileged?
Where: Esther Short Park – Peace and Justice Fair
When:  September 10th at 10 am and 1:15 pm – Two chances to participate!
Why:    Learn more about Privilege in our Vancouver community and how you can make a difference!

Want to see what a privilege walk looks like?  Click Here

Fear of having difficult conversations can keep us from deepening the relationships we value the most.

At Hall Mediation we help you move more smoothly through life’s transitions!  We facilitate your discussion, helping you go beyond the issues that triggered your conflict to uncover what each of you wants and needs.  We then help you create a plan for achieving your goals.  Discussion without Action can only take you so far; we help you create a road-map for a more successful future!

Whether you want to:

  • Strengthen your Marriage
  • Divorce Respectfully
  • Communicate with your Teenagers
  • Make Elder Care and End of Life Decisions
  • Improve your Communication Skills

We can help!

Services We Offer:

Marital Mediation
Feeling stuck on an issue in your marriage but don’t feel like counseling is the answer? Mediation helps you express yourselves clearly and create practical plans for working on key issues in your marriage. Workshop: Communication for Lovers: Tools for Lasting Relationships

Divorce Mediation
Put your Children First and end your marriage with Dignity and Respect.  Mediation is lower conflict, less cost and provides better outcomes than court battles. Parents who end their marriage respectfully model good problem solving for their children and are able to co-parent more effectively. Workshop: Successful Divorce – What you need to know!

Parenting Plan Revisions
Old Parenting Plan not working? Update your Parenting Plan to reflect the changing needs of your family and create a Communication Plan that will build trust avoid future conflict.

Mediation – Raising Teens is challenging; so is being one!  Involving teens in setting their own boundaries validates the importance of their feelings and opinions, dramatically increases the likelihood that they will follow through, and prepares them to be successful adults.
Communication Workshops – We offer fun experiential communication workshops for your and your teens that help you learn and practice new communication skills.  Families are a team. Teams train together!  Stop playing tug-o-war and focus on shifting family patterns and deepening your relationship.

Elder Mediation
As our parents age, care and end of life decisions must be made as a family.  Family dynamics, gender and sibling roles, and old hurts surface when trying to make these difficult decisions.  Mediation allows each of you to step out of those roles to be heard, while keeping your discussion focused on the care of the elder.

Surviving the Teen Years – How To: Talk with Teens
How To: Facilitate a Family Meeting
Couples Communication Training
Your Family’s Communication Toolbox – Hands on Workshop
Creating a Road-map for Success: Your Family Pact
Effective Communication Skills for Home and Work
Communication Tools for a Successful Life
Conflict as Opportunity
Customized Training to meet your specific needs

For more information call Laura Hall at 360-524-1762 or email lhall@hall-mediation.com