Divorce Mediation Costs

Mediation is a fraction of the cost of court battles. Rates for mediation are significantly lower than attorney fees and working together reduces the amount of time required to reach agreement.

Cost Share

Private session fees are generally paid by each person separately.  Fees for joint sessions are generally shared, either based upon pro-rata percentage of income or according to agreement. You may also choose to pay the entire cost from marital assets.


Initial Private Orientation Sessions (45 minutes) $75.00 – one for each of you
Joint Sessions (2 hours) $300.00

Number of sessions to complete agreements averages 2-3 for a Divorce with Minor Children and 1 for a Divorce without Minor Children

Document Preparation

Parenting Plan                             $250.00
Child Support Agreement            $100.00
Settlement Agreement                 $250.00
Package of All Three of the Above $500.00

Memorandums of Understanding are billed at $100 per hour
Document fees include document review and signing. (Modifications to completed documents may result in additional fees)

Average Package Cost Breakdown

With Minor Children
2 Orientation Sessions    $150
2 Joint Sessions              $600
3 Documents                   $500
Total Cost                     $1250

Without Minor Children
2 Orientation Sessions     $150
1 Joint Session                 $300
1 Document                      $250
Total Cost                        $700

Additional Sessions $300

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