31 Day Blog Challenge – Best Physical Feature!

Day 10 – Best Physical Feature

Ah, I took the weekend off! Didn’t even go into the office.  It was lovely!  I got to do some Christmas shopping and put up the Christmas tree.  It is finally starting to feel like Christmas!  Today should have been day 12 of the blog challenge, but instead of cramming three days into one, I’m just going to pick up where I left off.  Self care is particularly important during the holidays, so I think I’ll model it!

So, best physical feature.  The consensus is that it is my smile. I don’t think it is because my smile is that incredible, my teeth are crooked and my lips are thin. I think it is because I smile with my eyes. My friend Jeanne calls it her sparkle and I like that thought.  There is magic in a smile.  Today I was sitting on the bus and a kid across the bus from me smiled at me and immediately my day was just a little better.

I make it my mission to say hello to people on the street and smile at them.  The moment our eyes meet we are connected.  I love the saying ‘namaste’ – the spirit in me, greets the spirit in you. When we greet each other we are no longer strangers on the street, we are friends.  In Seattle they think I’m crazy – or ask if I’m from Portland 🙂

Hmmm, maybe that is the same thing!


Me – Taken by Kate Singh at Aevum Images

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