31 Day Blog Challenge – Favorite Things!

Day 11 – 15 of My Favorite Things

Of course my kids, family, and my friends are at the top of the list, but that is a given! Here is a list of my other favorite things, not in order!

  1. My large garden tub – I love relaxing in a salt or bubble bath! Carson Hot Springs is good too!
  2. My Dog Oliver – His big eyes, squishy face, and devotion are unmatched.
  3. Tea Parties – I love the luxury and beauty of the English Tea Party
  4. Shoes, boots, shoes, more shoes – did I say shoes?  It is the one place where I am a girly girl.
  5. Wearing yoga pants with a fuzzy sweater and wool socks while reading a book on a rainy NW day.
  6. My office – I feel so lucky to have such a beautiful and peaceful office.  I feel like I work at a spa every day.
  7. Dungeness crab with drawn butter, a loaf of fresh sourdough and a bottle of red wine – my ideal meal.
  8. Taking the train to Seattle for the weekend – It makes me feel spoiled and like a grownup on a fancy vacation.
  9. Sailing – there is nothing quite like hiking out with the wind in my face. What a rush!
  10. Yoga – because it makes me feel great and I can call it exercise and never break a sweat.
  11. Salsa Dancing – because it is the one place in my life where I don’t need to lead and having to follow keeps me 100% in the moment – or I’ll fall down.
  12. Prayer/meditation – Taking the time to go within each day keeps me sane – mostly.  When I”m not feeling sane it is generally because I haven’t taken the time to center.
  13. Coming home to a manicured lawn – I hate cutting the lawn more than anything else.  When I drive up and the landscaper has cut and edged I feel like a million bucks!
  14. Having my toenails painted – It is very silly, but looking down at my toes painted a pretty color makes me really happy.  I feel like I’m five and all is right in my world.
  15. Star Wars – the first one is my favorite movie, because I was 8 and it is the first time that God made sense to me.  So excited for a new movie!

So, there are 15 of my favorite things.  They could double as 15 things that I’m grateful for, as each one of them brings me joy!  What are your favorite things?



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