31 Day Blog Challenge – What’s in My Fridge?

Day 12 – What is in my refrigerator?

Simple answer – Not a lot right now! My refrigerator made some horrible noises the week before Thanksgiving and in my naivete I thought I could order parts and fix it – well, my ex could fix it – only he couldn’t 🙁 So, after $150.00 in parts and an exorbitant amount for 3 day shipping, I had to accept that there was a new fridge in my future!

Luckily, I have a refrigerator at my office.  I loaded up my condiments and freezer items and trucked them in to work.  I had a mini-fridge to put the necessities in and the weather cooperated and we put our cooler outside the kitchen door and called it our outdoor fridge!  So I spent Black Friday fridge shopping!  The good news!  It got me out of cooking the 2nd Thanksgiving dinner – Where would I have put the leftovers? But I digress – What is in my fridge?

  1. Condiments – I have more condiments than anyone has a right to have.  I rarely eat salads and yet I haven’t met a salad dressing that I didn’t buy!  And I don’t stop at the traditional American condiments – ketchup, mustard, Miracle Whip, relish, cocktail sauce, tartar sauce, chili sauce, horseradish…. No, I also have dashi, miso, fish sauce, hoisin, sake, teriyaki, shrimp paste, wasabi, …. add in the pickled items and the jams and half of the contents are condiments!
  2. Beverages – Organic milk, iced tea – usually green, various sodas, eggnog and a fruit juice of some kind.
  3. Meat/Cheese – got to have my cheese!  I always have cheddar, usually have swiss, jack and string cheese.  Generally have lunch meat of some kind. This week I have thick bacon – to make candied bacon for the men in my family for Christmas shhhhhh 🙂
  4. Eggs – love scrambled eggs with butter! Also a great way to add protein to leftover veggies!
  5. Fresh Veggies – turnips, carrots, butternut squash, celery, avocado, green onions, cilantro, lettuce, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, cucumbers and limes.
  6. Leftovers – spinach, lasagna, cranberry sauce, home made split pea soup I made when my son had his wisdom teeth out this week.  Usually there is more, but I’ve been packing my lunch all week.
  7. Frozen – frozen dinners for work, fish, pork, hamburger, skirt steak, Thanksgiving turkey, all the standard frozen veggies, eggrolls and salted butterscotch ice cream – yum!

Hmmm, maybe there is a little more in there than I thought!

Oh, cant forget my two favorite magnets. What is a fridge without magnets! – “A woman is like a teabag, you never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water”  and “Risk more than other people think is safe. – Care more than others think is wise. – Dream more than others think is practical. – Expect more than other people think is possible.”

So, what does my fridge say about me? What does yours say about you?



My Fridge


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