31 Day Blog Challenge – Favorite Quote!

Day 3 – Favorite Quote

I’m a little behind on my post. I left my computer at the office and couldn’t log in 🙁

Today’s topic is bitter sweet. As soon as I saw it I knew what my quote would be.

The way to tell if your mission on earth is finished – if you are alive, it isn’t. – Richard Bach from Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah.

This quote has come into conversation several times over the last couple of weeks and often comes to mind to comfort me in the hard times.

It reminds me that we all have a purpose, a calling, a unique offering for the world. And in those moments when I wonder what I’m doing here, if i am making a difference, it reminds me that the fact that I’m still here means I’ve got work to do.

But today it has a special meaning. Today I got the call that my beloved grandmother had passed beyond this world. Her mission it seems is finished.

For 103 years, 2 months and 17 days Marianne Barbara has been a light in this world. No woman has ever been so loving or so loved. I know there was a huge cadre of friends and family there to welcome her on the other side and I’m sure that she set to work making her famous cannolis and scolding them for how skinny they are. She will be missed on this side of the veil and I can only aspire to put as much love into the world as she did!

We love you Grandma!


My kids and I with Grandma the weekend of her 100th birthday!

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