31 Day Blog Challenge – Songs I Love!

Day 5 – 10 Songs I love Right Now!

Wow!  This is a hard one.  I am a lover of silence!  I spend so much of my day interacting with other people that when I’m alone I don’t want to listen to anything beyond my own thoughts.  Unless I’m driving, then I’m belting out anything that is on the radio.  You don’t want to hear me – trust me!  So I like songs that I can understand the words, lyrics that touch me.

But I suppose I have a few  favorites.

Because it’s Christmas – Almost anything Christmassy, I love the old soulful songs like Silent Night, but also the silly ones, like Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.  Not the best choice this week 🙁

I also love Josh Groban and Andrea Bochelli – they make my heart swell every time I hear them, no matter what language they are signing in!

I’m enamored with the fusion between Fight Song and Amazing Grace done by the Piano Guys, cause who doesn’t love a soulful song with bagpipes!

I’m a child of the 70s so I can’t resist singing John Denver songs when I’m driving through he Rockies.

And when the New Muppet Show had Kermit singing ‘Rainbow Connection’ I cried with happy memories of childhood 🙂

What are your favorites?

Fight Song By the Piano Guys





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