31 Day Blog Challenge – My Five Senses Right Now!

Day 6 – My Five Senses Right Now

Today has been the kind of Northwest Day that scares people away from moving here. It has been pouring rain and dark all day, There is flooding all around town and unless you own good rain gear, you are still wet from your commute in to work this morning.

I’m one of the lucky ones – I own a trench coat and rain boots ūüôā ¬†I have stayed warm and dry in my office all day. ¬†My 5 senses right now!

Sight – When not looking at my computer screen I’m looking out my window at the Christmas lights on the trees across the street. I have floor to ceiling windows in my office, so I get the maximum amount of sun even on these rainy days.

Sound – It’s quiet here – no music, just the sound of my fingers on the keyboard and the pitter patter of rain on the roof. ¬†I love the sound of rain.

Smell РRainy winter days make me crave carbs. This afternoon I made a break for the market across the street for snacks and now my office smells of the salt and vinegar potato chips open on my desk.

That brings me to Taste¬†– I have the sharpness of the vinegar on my palette. ¬†I never liked them when I was young, but I’ve developed a taste for sour and pickled things as I have aged.

Touch –¬†I’m going to stay with the food thing on this one. ¬†Interspersed with potato chips I’m eating Whoppers malted milk balls. ¬†They were my father’s favorite and are one of my guilty pleasures. ¬†I like to let them melt in my mouth and then scrape the chocolate off them with my teeth¬†until I can feel he roughness of the malted milk in the middle and the grainy texture of the center.

I don’t usually snack like this, but it is a pleasure on a quiet rainy afternoon when I’m doing paperwork!

What is your guilty food pleasure?


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  1. My favorite guilty food pleasure is Hazelnut Spread M&M’s. Oh my goodness, they are so good! I have to stop myself from purchasing any more because they disappear before I know it. Good reading your blog!

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