31 Day Blog Challenge – Pet Peeves!

Day 7 – Pet Peeves

We all have pet peeves don’t we!

Today, the one that came up for me was people who text and drive!  I was in a hurry to get my zip car back to it’s spot and avoid the $50 late fee for its return and the woman in front of me was texting to the point that she was drifting back and forth between two lanes.  I didn’t even feel safe going around her, her driving was so erratic. Scary!

But I have other pet peeves too 🙂

  • Chewing with open mouth – yuck!  just yuck!
  • Talking during a movie – I didn’t come to hear you talk!
  • People telling other’s what they ‘should do’ – It’s so easy to judge!
  • Women acting helpless – We are strong beyond our wildest dreams, own it!
  • When someone eats the leftovers I planned for my lunch – nuff said!

What are your pet peeves?


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