31 Day Blog Challenge – Worst Habits!

Day 9 – Worst Habits

Wow!  This is the day it gets real!  I feel like I should call my children and my ex to weigh in on this.  I’m sure they have a list 🙂

Some of my bad habits are small – I think :/

  • I like to pop my gum
  • I don’t make my bed in the morning
  • I leave my shoes all over the house

But I think that my worst habit and my biggest challenge is that I am a mediator 24/7. It is something that is so much a part of who I am that I don’t turn it off.  I’m always listening for what is true for everyone else and brainstorming solutions. It makes me a peacemaker both at home and at work, and it makes me a great listener. I’m also a better Mom by virtue of learning all of these skills.

But it can be lousy for me.  I’m can be so busy helping other people get their needs met that I forget to advocate for myself. And some times I don’t realize it until I’m living with an agreement that doesn’t work for me. Then, when I think back to the conversation that started it, I realize that I was so busy seeing that everyone else got what they needed that no one was taking care of me. Advocating for me!

Self Care postit

I’ll bet many of you can relate!  That’s why I’m such an advocate for self care.  We all need to do nice things for ourselves and take moments of silence when we can ask what it is we want – what we need.

What can you do for yourself this week?


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