31 Day Blog Challenge – My Dream Job!

Day 23 – My Dream Job!

I am so lucky!  I have my dream job! I can’t imagine anything better than what I do!

When people think about divorce mediation they picture the crazy antics that happen in court. That isn’t at all what happens in mediation. I work with people who really want to to be civil for the sake of their children. They are hurt and afraid for their future and that can create stressful sessions but my clients aren’t there to tear each other apart, they just want to be sure that their settlement is fair. I don’t see the crazy ones who just want to hurt their spouse.  They already have lawyers and are headed to court.

My job is to provide good information and create a safe place for them to talk with each other while keeping them focused on what really matters – their kids! I take the fear out of divorce so they can plan for a successful future that makes the most of what they have. What could possibly be better than that? Oh yeah, I save them a ton of money 🙂

Not only do I get the satisfaction of knowing that what I do makes a difference, I get to go to a beautiful office on the park every day! I have the flexibility to maintain a healthy balanced life and I’m learning and growing my business at the same time! It’s the best!

What is your dream job?


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