Divorce Mediation Costs

Mediation is a fraction of the cost of court battles. Rates for mediation are significantly lower than attorney fees and working together reduces the amount of time required to reach agreement.

Here at Hall Mediation we believe that Divorce is stressful enough without worrying about what your divorce is going to cost. We offer an all-inclusive fee and we don’t charge extra for phone calls and emails.


Private Meetings: One for each of you – with the mediator. Learn what to expect in the mediation process, ask questions, share what is important to you and prepare for your joint session.
Joint Sessions: Sessions are two hours long. We are working on the agreements you  need for your divorce filing. Up to 4 joint sessions are included for couples with minor children and up to 3 sessions for couples without minor children. Additional sessions are at a reduced rate of $300, but 98% of our couples complete their agreements in the time allotted.
Written Mediated Agreements: Couples with children will have a written Parenting Plan, Child Support, and Settlement Agreement, and Couple’s without minor children will have a Settlement Agreement.
All of your phone calls and emails  We want you to call us for advice, support and good information.

Divorce with Minor Children – $1,880.00*
Divorce without Minor Children – $1,230.00*

Payment Options:
Pay in Full: Pay fees in full prior to the first private session and receive a $30.00 discount.
Pay in Two Installments: The first installment ($940/$615) is due prior to the first private session and the second installment ($940/$615) is due prior to the second joint session.
Feeling Skeptical? You are welcome to attend your private sessions and pay $100 for each session. Your first installment of ($840/$515) is due prior to the first joint session and your second installment of ($840/$515) is due prior to the second joint session.

* Financing is available. We use Blispay for financing. You can apply at https://blispay.com/hallmediation – which offers 6 months no payments or interest.

Refund Policy: 90% of our clients reach all the agreements they need to complete their divorce filing.
– Prior to the first joint session all but $200 is refundable.
– 50% of fee is refundable prior to the second session.
– No refunds or adjustments will be made after the second session.

Additional costs not included:
– Court Document Preparation and Fiing – We partner with legal professionals who offer our  clients reduced rates for legal document preparation. Costs range from $400.00 to $600.00.
– Court filing fee – $314.00

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