31 Day Blog Challenge – What is in My Handbag?

Day 8 – What is in my handbag?

Ahhh – The handbag! – For some women this is a tell, lots of little secrets hidden away in the crevasses, a place a man dare not go!  I’ve always wanted a Mary Poppins bag – a magical bag that will hold everything without weight. Moving would be breeze! movies doctor who julie andrews mary poppins its bigger on the inside

But my handbag is pretty unexceptional.  Although, I do like a bag in a wild color. Usually, I don’t even carry one.  My phone case has a wallet built in and that covers most of what I need when I’m on a regular outing.  On the way to work I carry a large leather purse. That has business cards, a pen, journal, client files, when I’m in court, and these days – an umbrella!  It’s big enough that I can fit my laptop in a pinch.

The reality is I’m woefully low maintenance. Combing my hair is done with my fingers throughout the day and I keep a toothbrush in my desk.  I’m a disappointment to my Mary Kay Lady.  She offers me scents and lipstick and suggests ways to freshen  up throughout the day.  Is that a thing?  My makeup goes on in the morning and what ever is left gets washed off at bed time.  There is no freshening up!

My purse is like my lifestyle – utilitarian with no secrets, with enough color to make me smile!


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  1. I liked this blog. It was interesting to see all of the items that are carried in a woman’s handbag. Most of the items I agree with. However, I do not carry an umbrella. Most people carry a large handbag, I prefer a small one.

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